The Snowden Difference
Our people, our actions, our focus, and our business model differentiate us in the marketplace.
Global Experience

In a highly interconnected world, our clients' interests cross borders. With children, residences, corporate, business, and investment activities around the world, our clients benefit from the international management, regulatory, and global securities execution experience of Snowden's leadership and advisors.

The majority of Snowden's management team has lived internationally and worked with clients in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America for many years. Snowden's global reach derives from this experience and the relationships and knowledge developed in international and local markets around the world.

Global Investment Capability

Our advisors' experience and our execution infrastructure combine to offer our clients a broad range of global solutions. Our clients can take advantage of opportunities they may otherwise have missed in their experience with traditional advisors.


Snowden is leveling the playing field, bringing transparency to critical links in the investment management supply chain — products, pricing, people, and compatibility of incentives. Independence means informed choice. We embrace open-source solutions and clear, straightforward advice. As an independent advisory firm, we are not bound by the products and services of one organization, but rather we have the flexibility of sourcing optimal solutions for our clients from the open market place.

One Client, One Conversation

We can discuss in the same conversation our client's wealth, corporate, and social impact aspirations. The value of a conversation begins with getting to know our clients — understanding where they are and working with them to define where they want to be.

A Focus on Impact

One of the principles that differentiates Snowden is our dedication to impact investing. We understand that our clients may have goals beyond their financial or corporate needs and we help our clients define the legacy they want to leave behind. Through our in-depth knowledge and extensive relationships in the impact space, we can customize our clients' philanthropy and impact investments to make sure their impact strategies are just as effective as their other investment goals.