Wealth Advisory Overview
Snowden's advice begins with a commitment to getting to know our client's financial and non-financial objectives. We then provide a customized approach to best suit each client's needs, sourcing optimal investment solutions and managing each client's portfolio in accord with their long-term goals.
One Client, One Conversation

We understand our clients have needs beyond investment products. We can discuss in one conversation our client's wealth, corporate, and impact aspirations. With our “One client, One conversation” approach, we consider a much broader range of client issues and interests.  For example, an entreprenurial client may have a business that requires $20 million in new capital, or may require consulting services to guide his or her business in their global expansion.  At a Wirehouse, advisors may not have the capability to assist the client with these important issues.  At Snowden, however, we can help the client through introductions to qualified third party investment bankers and consultants in our professional services network.

Finally, we believe that our commitment to advising clients on impact investing and defining their philanthropic and impact aspirations is a distinguishing characteristic of our firm that resonates strongly with clients. For example, a family passionate about global healthcare may want to establish a foundation with a mission to increase access to affordable healthservices. It may be more appropriate for that foundation to invest in for profit but impact driven business than a single, philanthropic donation to a hospital. We discuss with our clients the aspects of each available option and work with them to decide the approach that best suits their financial and impact goals.

Holistic Advice Delivered

We deliver holistic advice by first and foremost getting to know our client, discussing financial and non-financial data, and defining a risk profile. For many clients we create a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS contains the clients' investment goals and objectives and is used to govern the strategies our advisors employ to meet our client's objectives.

For our family office clients with risk management, insurance, private investments, and trust and estate aspects to their wealth, we work with our clients' advisors (e.g. accountants, attorneys, insurance brokers, etc.) to understand their unique range of issues. We will work with the client and their family to create a customized playbook with a chapter for every aspect of our client's investments and the unique complexities of life outside investments.

Independent Firm, Independent Advice

As an independent firm, we do not have the inherent conflicts of interest that exist in large public companies. Decisions are not made for quarterly results, rather, they are made for the benefit of our clients.

Open Architecture Access

As an independent firm our advisors are able to 'pull' optimal client solutions from a variety of financial firms in the open marketplace rather than 'push' in-house products of a single firm.

Open architecture enables us to provide advice in respect of client assets no matter where they are held. By looking at our clients' assets holistically, our advisors provide more comprehensive advice, optimizing client portfolio performance and risk management.